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New House!

So it's been a minute since I've crafted anything, let alone blogged about it, but I've been busy. We bought a new house and moved and it's been crazy. I'm never moving again, ever.

The greatest part about the move, more space, and a whole new set of projects to work on and blog about.

Here is a preview of the first project I did. Sausha's Washer & Dryer Pedestal featured on

I've actually been using the pedestal for about a week and I'm really pleased. It was WAY chepaer than buying the pedestals from the appliance store and has been WAY more functional.

At the old house, we had the metal pedestals that matched the washer and dryer and they're pretty useless. Nobody wants to bend and lift detergent from under there, so we ended up using ours to store old towels.

This new pedestal was built to hold laundry baskets. I can fit 3 full size rubbermaid hip-hugger laundry baskets under there which has been infinitely more useful.

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