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Stenstorp Cutting Table

Now that we're mostly settled into the new house, I'm finally starting to get my sewing room together. My first real project was morphing the Ikea Stenstorp Kitchen Island into a cutting table. I liked that it was already counter height, and the right size to fit my big cutting mat. The shelves on the one side are great, and the other side has space to tuck in a bar stool or two which is great.

It wasn't a big departure, but I added casters. I wanted to be able to move the thing easily off the wall and around my small space. The feet of the island are rather small and most of the casters with a mounting plate are too big to fit or proportioned wrong. I ended up getting these vintage inspired casters from Home Depot.

The island came with plastic feet nailed into the bottoms of the legs, I pulled those off and used the nail holes to mark where I'd drill out pilot holes to screw the caster in. I used a vice grip to get it the rest of the way in and tight then screwed in the finish screws.

It works great! My floors are tile, so the small casters work great. If you have carpet you may need to use something with a bigger wheel to distribute the weight of the island. I like these small ones because I'm short, and it didn't raise the counter height island up too high so I can still stand and cut comfortably at the work surface.

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