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(Faux) Succulent Wreath!

It's a new year and time for a new project! In the post Christmas hangover, the space above my fireplace was looking a little lonely. The Christmas wreath looked great up there and I wanted to fill the space with something year round. Enter the succulent wreath. Pottery Barn has one for $100, but it's only 18" in diameter. Sam's club claims the one I had up at xmas was 39" but I measured it and it was closer to 32".

Etsy shops I contacted wanted $400 for a wreath the size I wanted. WAY out of budget. I went to Michael's looking for succulents to make my own wreath, and even with a coupon, it was gonna cost me $300-400 in plants to make my own, so also, WAY out of budget.

Enter Shinoda Design Center, which if you have a business, is THE spot for crafty stuff. It's a wholesaler, so you have to have a business license or a business Tax EIN, or be a non-profit to shop there, but it's amazing. I was able to get all the succulents I needed to fill a 30" grapevine wreath form and make it look like this!

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